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Experience the magic of the African wilderness

There’s very little to beat the thrill of staying under canvas in the middle of the African wilderness. Which is why Abelana Safari Camp is quickly becoming a preferred choice when it comes to the ultimate African tented safari.

This lovely little eight-bed tented camp is located in the north of Abelana Game Reserve, surrounded by towering rocky outcrops with views out over the surrounding bush and topped off by a stunning 100m deck atop an adjacent koppie offering views of forever and beyond.

This is romantic Africa in all her glory, and the perfect place to relax, unwind and share some valuable “we” time with your loved one or family while immersing yourself in everything that makes a safari so special… From the call of the crested francolin that heralds the start of each new day to the smell of wood smoke as the evening fire is lit in the boma, you’ll feel your body clock adjust to the gentle rhythms of Africa, toasting the passing of each 24 hours in time-old fashion as the sun sinks slowly over the wilderness, turning it to shades of burnished copper, bronze and gold.

Your tent is a tribute to the great age of African exploration with nods to that glorious age when the journey – the “safari” – was just as important as the destination. Comfortable bedsteads and high quality linen guarantee a slumber like no other, beneath a canopy of stars and what feels like the whole of the Milky Way you’ll be serenaded by the sounds of the African night – the chirps of crickets, the hums of cicadas, the ghostly calls of the hyena and the distinctive sawing of the resident leopard pair…  Or even a lion roaring somewhere in the distance.

This is how you experience authentic Africa, with the coming and going of the light, living from dawn to sunset, reflecting and sharing your stories each evening around the dancing flames of the fire, sharing simple but satisfying meals, good wine and great company. We hope to see you soon!



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