Elephants and water – a unique love affair!

As the world’s largest land mammal, the African elephant is an absolute giant. Adult bulls can reach up to 4m high at the shoulders and can weigh-in at up to seven tonnes! That makes them Africa’s true heavyweights and easily one of the continent’s most iconic wildlife species. As big and impressive as they are, Read More

Making a meal of it!

When it comes to traditional African fare, this brightly coloured caterpillar tops the list! Meet the infamous mopane worm! It actually isn’t a worm at all, but rather the larvae of the beautiful emperor moth. It’s named for the tree it is found in and on which it feeds exclusively. Mopane trees are spread widely Read More

Welcome to our latest addition!

This little creature is a newborn sable antelope and is the latest addition to Abelana Game Reserve, having come into the world in the last few days, right at the end of the calving season. It’s hard to believe that this unassuming, tiny brown antelope is going to grow into one of the most striking Read More

Abelana: past, present and future…

While the Abelana Game Reserve brand is a recent addition to South Africa’s tourism industry and the African safari landscape, the land itself has been under protection for quite some time. In fact, it was first proclaimed as a “nature reserve” in 1958 and was then known as the Solomons Reserve. Until then it had Read More