What it takes to build a safari lodge…

Abelana River Lodge is in its final stages of construction and everyone involved is slowly gearing up to the official opening on 23 February. It takes unfathomable patience and considerable resources, both financial and human, to build a safari lodge. Then, of course, there’s location and when it comes to Abelana River Lodge, its prime Read More

A river runs through it!

The northern reaches of Abelana Game Reserve are considerably different to the rocky outcrops and koppies of the south and are marked by the 10km stretch of the river that dissects the reserve – the Selati. At around 140km in length, this seasonal river rises on the western slopes of the Wolkberg – a subrange Read More

Summer’s in full swing!

The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue. The bush is lush and verdant, there are baby animals aplenty and the air is thick with the hum of cicadas… It can only be summer in Africa! It’s truly incredible how the wilderness is transformed with rain. At the end of Read More

Meet the elephant’s closest living relative!

Staying at Abelana Safari Camp is going to put you at close quarters with an unusual little creature with a BIG story – the rock hyrax. Known locally as a “dassie,” the rock hyrax, as its name implies, lives in rocky habitats so the towering rocky outcrops and koppies around camp are the perfect home Read More